• June 21, 2024

    Ambarisa Das Launches Srila Prabhupada International Heritage Museum Project in the TOVP

    Temple of the Vedic Planetarium (TOVP) Chairman Ambarisa Das has announced the future opening of a beautiful, inspiring, and permanent Prabhupada M...
  • June 21, 2024

    Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies Inaugurates Online Summer School in July 2024

    The Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies (BIHS) is offering an innovative virtual summer school on July 13-14th (Saturday-Sunday) and July 20...
  • June 20, 2024

    Highlights Report from June 12th GBC Meeting Released

    We are pleased to present the June 12, 2024 GBC Meeting Highlights Report. This report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the online GBC m...
  • June 19, 2024

    New Book Explores Srila Prabhupadas Standards for Kirtana

    To help preserve a crucial part of Srila Prabhupadas legacy, Srila Prabhupadas disciple Jayadvaita Swami has released a new book, Srila Prabhupadas...
  • June 18, 2024

    US Ambassador Visits Sunday Feast Program at ISKCON Temple in Suriname

    US Ambassador Faucher offering garland to Srila Prabhupada. On Sunday, June 16, 2024, Mr. Robert Faucher, the United States Ambassador to Suriname,...
  • June 18, 2024

    Annual PAN America Symposium on Education to be Held Online June 21st, 2024

    The ISKCON Ministry of Education will host its annual virtual Symposium of Education, “PAN America Mini-Symposium 2024,” on Friday, June 21st, 2024...
  • June 17, 2024

    Hundreds Gathered in Helsinki to Celebrate ISKCON Finlands 40th Anniversary

    Devotees listening to a lecture by Dhirasanta Dasa Goswami. On June 16th, 2024, ISKCON Finland celebrated its 40th anniversary as an officially reg...
  • June 16, 2024

    Extensive Renovations and Expansions Underway at ISKCON New Mayapur

    Govinda Das, Construction Manager. ISKCON New Mayapur temple, housed in a 100-year-old castle with an area of approximately 83 hectares, is receivi...
  • June 15, 2024

    Remembering Sudharma Devi Dasi Update: Memorial Details Added

    From Sudharma Devi Dasi’s godsister Pranada Comtois: “Our dear friend and valiant servant of Srila Prabhupada, Sudharma dasi, has left us just afte...

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The Joy of Devotion Movie

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ISKCON 50 Academic Conference at Harvard

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